From the many questions posed when it comes to screens, it’s often, however strange, not about the content. Often the question is “how big is the screen in the design”? The content is created and invented much later, with the screen size then as starting point. I am convinced that a screen should be subordinate to the content you want to display. If the content is good, a screen often does not have to be very large (can strengthen it). But the other way around is a very big screen, with bad content, is really ‘ waste of money ‘.

Distinctive content on exhibitions

80% of the screens on exhibitions are used in the same way: “Static transmission” of information. This makes it not very special for a visitor. Of Course If you connect multiple screens to robotic arms that run and make a whole show of it;) Then It is also no longer static. Very Cool! An innovative medium that will make content distinctive on the exhibitions is “interactive video”.

Netflix releases first interactive movie

Netflix has released its first “interactive film (video)”. A film in which you are actively lifted from the lazy bank as a viewer. By making your own choices during the film, you, as a viewer, determine the progress and eventual outcome of the film. Very Bizarre when you look at this for the first time! You Think you are fully directed and “in Control”. With This, Netflix steps ahead in the movie world when it comes to interacting with the viewer. Also curious than watch “Bandersnatch – Black Mirror” on Netflix and get inspired by the many possibilities that interactive video brings with it.

Advantage of Interactive content

Think of a film that you have seen, say, 15 years ago or maybe even longer ago. I myself choose the film “Demolition Man” with Silver star Stallone. A great movie and for that time futuristic. But now looking back there are a lot of elements from this film the most normal things of the day. Anyway, the point I want to go to is that you will remember a movie for a long time. When you combine this with learning or guiding information, you have a valuable mix that is not quickly forgotten. That’s quite a bit different than content on a big screen or a training where you’ve run through a Powerpoint presentation or an E-learning. By applying interactive video you will be distinctive at the fair.

Interactive content on the exhibition

An “Interactive video” on the exhibition attracts visitors because it is challenged to take action. And that is different from the other exhibitors at the exhibition. This is going to give you special conversations and information. Not only on the exhibition floor but also think of instructions, product specifications, demos, manuals, and much more. You give the direction to the visitor. Of Course You can extend this even further by adding an experience to it. For Example, an interactive touch wall where you can access a certain space at the end or not. Or When you connect a competition to it, for example, you open personalized lockers with a price in it.  The visitor or customer thinks he has the control for which he is rewarded, but in the background they give you invaluable information.

Interactive content definitely costs a fortune? 

When content only transmits and the screen is static then you don’t stand out and it costs a lot. Netflix uses a program that converts footage to interactive movie. Now you will think that is easy talk, Netflix has a mega budget for it. Of Course You need a budget and it is not free. But because you can do a lot of yourself (or not if you want to outsource it) the budget does not outweigh what you can achieve with it. Once created, you can also continue to use it after the event. Companies often have a lot of content themselves and then you can easily convert them to interactive content using an online program. This keeps the cost of an interactive video low. You will achieve more and the visitor/customer will remember it longer. There are several online providers available for this. I Myself have experience with HiHaHo (

If you want to be distinctive then an investigation into the possibilities of interactive video may be a “next step”. If you have a issue or would like to see something highlighted, please let me know. Wish everyone a lot of success with the next exhibition participation.

Richard Boelens 
eXpo eXpert