Who does not want to use the best meters on the exhibition floor now. These are spaces or facilities at the fair where you will not think at first as a participant. These can provide more eXposure, without the need for a large investment. In the end we all want to make the most of our fair participation and get everything in it. Below I mention a few ideas. 

Free meters

Free meters at the fair.  Now you will think nothing is free! Nothing is less true. For example, the aisle is often not included in the participation strategy. This is actually very strange because this part of the fair is free and the space where your target group is present. You still see a lot of exhibitors behind the bar or counter.  Or somewhere in the back of the booth wait until someone enters the booth. Hanging on a standing table, slumped to a low table, talking in a group of colleagues on the booth or even worse calling on the booth. Know that visitors don’t just come to the booth. Here you really have to do something, otherwise you will leave many opportunities unused. The aisle is therefore an important lifeline for a good scholarship. Make sure you are always well represented here and you will use these free meters. If you find yourself inconvenient, then hire a professional who will help you. You will see that this will contribute tremendously and the investment is more than worth it!

VIP parking space

Do you book VIP parking spaces for management, colleagues or customers? Then I recommend to order one or more for your own marketing purposes. Imagine that you “branding” a company car playfully and park this the day before the first fair day starts (or very early in the morning) prominently in the VIP parking lot. You can then draw the attention of the VIP guests before they have reached the entrance of the fair. Also think at the end of the day when everyone goes home to an action around the VIP parking lot.


If participation in a fair is not interesting for you because the budget is not going to yield what you invest in it, then otherwise going to the fair may be a solution for you. Of course you want to speak to the customers who go to the fair. This can be done as a visitor, but appointments with customers are more difficult. You can also rent the smallest stand size that is there. In most cases, you also acquire the right to rent an office space in the hall. You can create your own taste and invite your customers. This way the costs remain low, but you can still talk to your (potential) customers in a professional manner.  

On the terrace

Another possibility is that, when on time, you keep a table on one of the public terraces occupied and speak to customers there while enjoying a cup of coffee. Often the exhibition map places for hospitality are indicated. And sometimes also units for small meetings or charging a mobile or laptop. Exquisite places to claim.

If you have a question or have a topic highlighted, please let me know. Maybe I’ll write my next blog about your question. Good luck with the next stock market participation.